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DMP workshop at IDCC

Sarah Jones | 14 January 2016

Supporting and reviewing Data Management Plans

Thursday 25th February 2016, 9am - 5 pm, Movenpick Hotel, Amsterdam

We’re pleased to announce that the DCC is running a workshop at IDCC in collaboration with the California Digital Library and the DART project on supporting and reviewing Data Management Plans.

In the morning session we will hear various examples of how DMPs are being supported in different national and institutional contexts. There will also be a panel session where we discuss opportunities to coordinate work on data management planning internationally.The afternoon session will focus on reviewing DMPs and will include a practical exercise to develop evaluation rubrics based on different funder requirements.

A key aim of the workshop is to share lessons and good practice. An extended lunch break will provide a networking opportunity where all participants are invited to demo tools, share resources and speak about their experiences.

See the workshop page for further details and an agenda for the workshop.

To join us please use the workshop registration page. The workshop costs £90.

Image credit: Amsterdam CC-BY by Moyan Brenn