New Curation Reference Manual instalment on the role of microfilm in digital preservation

Joy Davidson | 20 April 2011

The DCC's Digital Curation Reference Manual is designed to help data custodians, producers and users better understand the challenges they face and the roles that they play in creating, managing and preserving digital information over time. For each topic covered, suggestions for best practice and real life examples are given. The DCC are delighted to announce the release of the following new instalment.

The role of microfilm in digital preservation

Authors: Heather Brown, John Baker, Walter Cybulski, Andy Fenton, John Glover, Paul Negus, Jonas Palm of the International Microfilm Collaboration working group

Drawing on a risk management perspective, this instalment introduces the complementary role that microfilm, and particularly computer output microfilm (COM), can play within the broad spectrum of digital preservation. It provides some international examples of current and best practice and highlights some technical issues relating to standards.

The instalment can be accessed at /resources/curation-reference-manual/microfilm.

Other instalments in the series can be accessed at /resources/curation-reference-manual/completed-chapters.