External Events

Chris Rusbridge, director of the DCC, gave a talk on Overview of the Digital Curation Centre, and emerging Curation Challenges at the Library of Congress

Chris Rusbridge gave a presentation about the DCC at an e-Science Technical Advisory Group Meeting.

Australia is attempting to pursue some of the same issues as the DCC through the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR), a project funded by the Systemic Infrastructure Initiative as part of the Commonwealth Government's "Backing Australia's Ability Program". This workshop at the Australian National University brought contributors from across Australia to discuss the issues and formulate plans. Chris Rusbridge gave a presentation on UK and DCC perspectives on sustainability.

Chris Rusbridge gave a presentation at this one day workshop, run by the JISC funded DAEDALUS project; the workshop provided an overview of the issues and challenges which face staff in setting up an institutional repository service. It provided an overview of the open access movement and an update on the Scottish Open Access Declaration launched on 11 October 2004.

Several members of the DCC attended the JISC Joint Programmes Meeting 2005, held at Homerton College, Cambridge. Chris Rusbridge presented Information Life Cycle and Curation on 8 July 2005.

At a recent meeting of Project Managers for JISC's CSR2 programme, a discussion on the topic of digital preservation took place between leading experts that included the DCC's Professor Seamus Ross.

A JISC Institutional Digital Preservation & Asset Management Programme Kick-Off Meeting was held at the British Library Conference Centre in London. Dr David Giaretta spoke on behalf of the DCC, and other DCC staff (Joy Davidson and Michael Day) led breakout sessions in the afternoon.

In this public lecture Chris Rusbridge described the background to the establishment of the DCC, and discussed its activities and plans. This lecture was sponsored jointly by APSR and the National Library of Australia.

David Rosenthal, Chief Scientist of the LOCKSS Programme, visited the University of Edinburgh and presented the following lectures: Electronic Collections and the Future of Libraries and Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe: Peer-to-Peer Digital Preservation.

Rajendra Bose of the DCC presented Digital Curation for Service-based Workflows at a two-day NIEeS (National Institute for Environmental eScience) workshop about web services for environmental applications.