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External Events

Monica Duke delivered a tutorial prepared together with Alex Ball at iPres 2012 in Toronto.

This is the third in the series of JISC-British Library DataCite Workshops, focusing on managing and citing sensitive data.

About the Workshop

The workshop will look at the challenges of managing sensitive or personal data within the repository context and will hear from speakers who have practical experience of handling data which, for reasons of commercial sensitivity, data protection or research ethics, cannot be made fully publicly accessible.

The number of projects, commercial organisations and institutions providing training and education on aspects of data management, digital preservation and digital curation continues to grow. 

Prospective students are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses and approaches.

It is clear that increased collaboration is needed in order to establish a more coordinated approach. This workshop will aim to help potential students to select the courses that will best meet their learning objectives and to identify career progression pathways.

The UK is ranked as having the second strongest research base in the world behind only the US. The UK's universities and research centres have an exceptional international reputation, but there is room for improvement. Given the spiralling costs associated with research and development, the process needs to become more efficient and deliver better value for money. That may mean working more closely with other institutions, with the private sector, across disciplines and across international borders.

Join us for iConference 2013

The iConference is an annual gathering of scholars and researchers concerned with critical information issues in contemporary society. iConference participants advance the boundaries of information studies, explore core concepts and ideas, and create new technological and conceptual configurations—all situated in interdisciplinary discourses. These issues will be addressed during our four-day event in Fort Worth, Texas, February 12-15, 2013. The conference theme is Scholarship in Action: Data • Innovation • Wisdom

The Conference

Screening the Future serves the global community of stakeholders who keep audiovisual content alive. This annual international conference brings together archivists, small and large archives, production companies, film makers, TV producers, service providers, vendors, funders, policymakers, and educators who are developing solutions to answer the most urgent questions facing audiovisual archives.

Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) is a biennial international conference that focuses on the challenging and rapidly transforming nature of libraries and information systems and services. In recognition of today’s continually evolving online and mediated technological environment, “CHANGES” is this year’s theme.

LIDA 2012 brings together researchers, educators, practitioners, and developers from all over the world in a forum for personal exchanges, discussions, and learning, made memorable by being held in an enchanting and beautiful city on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. 

Software art is an active and growing genre of artistic development that has attracted significant interest from both the art world and cultural institutions. Software artworks have been commissioned and displayed in major museums across the globe, therefore emphasising on the need to curate, manage and preserve such material. Preservation of software-based art presents challenges in many fronts, including complex interdependencies between objects; time-based and interactive properties; and diversity in the technologies and practices used for development.

PrestoCentre organises as part of its professional Development Training Series a course in "Long-Term Audiovisual Digital Preservation: Strategy, Planning & Tools". Participants in the course include large audiovisual archives, service providers and technology providers.

Free online webcast

The Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress brings together research and industry leaders, policy and IT experts, patient advocates, foundations and governments to work on programs and platforms that will create a disruptive transition in data sharing and public engagement.

Sage Bionetworks and are offering a free live webcast of the Congress platform sessions allowing anyone to attend the virtual conference on line.