Because good research needs good data

External Events

David Rosenthal, Chief Scientist of the LOCKSS Programme, visited the University of Edinburgh and presented the following lectures: Electronic Collections and the Future of Libraries and Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe: Peer-to-Peer Digital Preservation.

Rajendra Bose of the DCC presented Digital Curation for Service-based Workflows at a two-day NIEeS (National Institute for Environmental eScience) workshop about web services for environmental applications.

Dr Liz Lyon, Associate Director (Outreach), presented From research data to new knowledge: a lifecycle approach at the CNI-JISC-SURF Conference, Amsterdam. The conference "Making the strategic case for institutional repositories" was organised by SURF, The Coalition for Networked Information, CNI, and the Joint Information Systems Committee in the UK, JISC.

Staff of the DCC gave the following presentations at the National Institute for Environmental eScience (NIEeS) Community Awareness day:

Liz Lyon: Introduction and outreach activities

David Giaretta: Developing support for digital curation

Seamus Ross: DCC services

Michael Day: Research 

Chris Rusbridge gave a presentation about the DCC at an e-Science Technical Advisory Group Meeting.