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Advanced DMPonline: how to customise the tool for your institution

12 July 2016 |

This course will explain how the DMPonline tool for Data Management Planning can be customised by institutions. You will be introduced to the concept of templates and guidance used in the tool, and shown the range of options available for adding details of local requirements and support. The course will be based in a computer lab so the examples demonstrated can be tried out in practice.

We encourage you to talk about your work at the workshop too. We will provide examples of how different institutions have customised the tool, but invite you to share your lessons with the group. We will also discuss future plans and brainstorm improvements needed on customisation options.

Please note that the course assumes prior knowledge of DMPonline. If you are unfamiliar with the tool, please watch the screencast on the DMPonline homepage as a minimum so you are familiar with how it works. Participants should also be registered as admin users for their organisation on the test site in advance ( Please contact us to arrange this if needed.

By the end of the course you will:

·         be aware of the options available for customising DMPonline

·         understand how templates and guidance work in the tool

·         have a practical knowledge of how to add templates and guidance

·         take away examples and ideas to help you get started






Registration and  coffee



How to customise DMPonline [pptx]

- What to consider when customising the tool

-The concept of guidance by theme

- An overview of options and follow-along demo

  • Adding templates
  • Adding guidance
  • Customising funder templates

Sarah Jones


Lab practical: using the admin interface to customise the tool [pdf]

DCC staff will be on hand to walk through options with you, troubleshoot where needed and discuss the best approach

Associated materials:






Lessons from other institutions [pptx]

  • Example templates and guidance
  • Details of how DMPs are being supported
  • Share your feedback and lessons!

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Where next with DMPonline [pptx]

  • Recent developments and future plans
  • User group participation
  • Brainstorm improvements to customisation options

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Costs and Registration

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