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For the past four years, we have run very successful BoF sessions at IDCC.
Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are informal opportunities to bring together people with a common interest who already intend a particular event. Unlike a workshop, keynote speech, or particular paper, you don't go to IDCC because a particular BoF session is happening. The BoF is for people who are interested in a particular topic, find that they will all be at the same event, and want to use their co-location to explore that topic.

Collaborating Across Communities: Leveraging Our Strengths for Sustainable Programs and Services

Blending analytics and curation: data explorations from a library in a cultural organization

We are pleased to announce our exciting IDCC18 workshop programme!  

No (Open) Science Without Data Curation: Five Lessons From the Study of Data Journeys

Beyond FAIR - from principles to practice to global join up