Research Data Management - what's it all about?

10 September 2013 | Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire

There are increasing expectations that research data will be effectively managed and shared, and doing so can bring real benefits in terms of increased citations, impact and grant income.  

This workshop will introduce participants to Research Data Management (RDM) and demonstrate how to improve practice and write effective Data Management Plans (DMPs) via case studies and discussion.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the main activities and principles of good RDM
  • Make informed decisions on how best to create, manage and share research data
  • Write effective Data Management Plans to submit as part of grant applications and use in project planning

Who should attend?

Researchers / Academic staff from Science / Engineering disciplines who wish to improve how they manage and share research data.


14:00 Introduction to RDM Sarah Jones, DCC
14:30 Case study: improving RDM in engineering projects Alex Ball, DCC
15:00 Coffee  
15:15 Exercise: writing a Data Management Plan All
15:45 Developing RDM support at Cranfield University Gio Lusignani
16:00 Questions and discussion: what else is needed All
16:30 Close  


Image credit: Planes at Cranfield University, CC-BY-NC-ND by Jakob Hürner

Costs and Registration

This is a free, internal event with registration being handled by Learning and Development at Cranfield University.