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A few weeks ago, a new paper was published that I co-authored with Rosie Higman from the University of Manchester and Daniel Bangert from the University of Göttingen. It untangles the overlaps between FAIR, Open and RDM, providing insights on how each can be used for advocacy and improving good research practice.
It has been fantastic to see how quickly the paper has been picked up. Already several hundred views and downloads in less than a month and many grateful comments on Twitter. It seems we struck a chord.

Update: slides from the webinar are available online and a recording can be accessed by registering via GoToWebinar

The DCC is delighted to announce the release of the second of two policy-related outputs emerging from our collaboration with SPARC Europe.

The DCC is delighted to announce the first two outputs from our collaboration with SPARC Europe.

If you’re supporting researchers to manage and share their data, there are a few useful workshops coming up in early 2017 that may be of interest.

The European Commission has released new Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020. There are a few key changes and a new template for DMPs which has been added to DMPonline.

The FOSTER project is running a moderated version of it's online Horizon 2020 Open Research Data pilot course from 6-10th June 2016.
To participate, there are a few things you need to do:

The International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC) is changing the way it handles submissions whose findings rest on underlying data. While the journal has always been supportive of authors citing datasets, from January 2014 it will require authors to cite data thay have used. Furthermore, it will also require that where authors are responsible for the data used in their submission, the authors must

Following the Information Commissioner's decisions against the University of East Anglia and Queens University, Belfast in relation to Freedom of Information requests relating to research, JISC has commissioned a FAQ for researchers. Co-author Chris Rusbridge commented:- "The FAQ attempts to cover the UK and Scotland versions of both Freedom of Information Acts and the Environmental Information Regulations. Two versions have been prepared: a space-limited version for print, and a longer version for the web. These drafts are now available for consultation until 12 November, 2010.