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The following organisations are helping us make this conference possible:


Microsoft Research Connections is dedicated to speeding time to discovery. As described by the editors and authors in The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery, tools and technologies that enable data storage, curation, and identification will help researchers to share data, visualize it, and make cross-discipline discoveries. Our team develops – and promotes the community development of – free tools that enable long tail of science, stretching from the desktop to the cloud.

Founded in 1991, Microsoft Research is dedicated to conducting both basic and applied research in computer science and software engineering. Its goals are to enhance the user experience on computing devices, reduce the cost of writing and maintaining software, and invent novel computing technologies. Researchers focus on more than 55 areas of computing and collaborate with leading academic, government and industry researchers to advance the state of the art in such areas as graphics, speech recognition, user-interface research, natural language processing, programming tools and methodologies, operating systems and networking, and the mathematical sciences.

"The International Digital Curation Conference is an important global event that brings together the top researchers and information professionals to discuss cutting-edge projects in digital stewardship, data curation, and related topics. This nascent community is helping drive the dialog and shape the future of research, and Microsoft Research is proud to be an active collaborator and long-term supporter of the DCC.” (Lee Dirks, Director of Portfolio Strategy, Microsoft Research Connections)

Website: Microsoft Research


Research Data Services is a new group in Elsevier, derived from Elsevier Labs, aimed at seeing how Elsevier might help with sharing and annotating research data. We are particularly focused on getting data into discipline-specific repositories, and think we can bring our core competencies in nomenclatures and informatics, repeatability and best practices in process and process management, and impact assessment and analytics to help overcome the barriers of research data sharing and curation: lack of time and informatics skills, lack of credit.

Website: Elsevier